Mitford Parish Church is a diverse Christian community, with people of all ages, coming from all walks of life. Worship plays a key role in the life of Mitford Church and we seek to provide forms of worship which sensitively reflects the need and expectations of all those who attend.


8.30am   Holy Communion
We follow the Book of Common Prayer. There is no music, a sermon is included and regular attendance is approximately 10 - 20.
10.30am   Family Worship [Common Worship]

This service aims to meet the needs of all ages and attracts congregations of some 50 adults and 10 children /young adults. These figures are fairly stable at present, yet some reduction in attendance has been noted in recent years. We see this as a reminder that we can never stand still, but always be seeking fresh and appropriate ways to serve in Christ’s name. The current monthly pattern for our 10.30 service is:-

  First Sunday;

Family Communion is where the children go straight to Junior Church and join us later in the service as we celebrate communion. Music is provided by one of four music groups. Clergy will usually robe for this celebration.

  Second & Fourth Sunday; 

Service of the Word in which the children may be with us at the beginning of the service but leave after the children’s talk for their various groups in Junior Church (in the Stable Room.) Again music is provided by one of the music groups. The service leaders do not robe for this service.

  Third Sunday; 

Family Worship Is mainly in the same format as the Second and Fourth Sundays but occasionally [around 6 times a year] we try to take the opportunity to hold this in a more informal "Café Church" setting in the village community centre.  This service is often lay-lead and music is provided by the music group.

  Fifth Sunday; 

This is often a more informal (alternative) time of worship. It is based on the structure of the Family Service but we often try out something different.

  Family Worship
Prayer Ministry; is offered at the end of every 10.30 service.
All music, liturgy and supporting multi media is available on projection screens and services may be relayed to the Stable Room.
We are greatly blessed and encouraged by the extent of lay participation through music, reading, intercessions, prayer ministry, teaching and leading in this family worship environment.
Coffee is served after these services either at the back of church or in the nearby Stable Room giving people an opportunity to chat, network and enjoy each others company.

Baptism services; will normally [but not always] be included as part of our family worship.

5.00pm   Evening Worship [BCP]

This is an evening service of quiet reflection where worship is in the tradition of the Book of Common Prayer with a sermon and music provided by the choir and organist. Attendance ranges between 5 to 15. Clergy / Readers will usually robe for this service.

  First Sunday;  No service
  Second Sunday;    BCP Holy Communion
  Fourth Sunday; BCP Choral Evensong
  Fifth Sunday; Songs of Praise alternating with Hebron
6.00pm First Sunday Simple Worship

On the first Sunday of each month 10-15 of us gather in the evening, at 6.00pm for an act of reflective worship. This service is generally quieter than all the others and provides opportunity for silent prayer, personal searching and an opportunity to delve deeper into God’s word than might be possible elsewhere in the week. Biblical exposition and music plays an important part of this service.

Mid Week Services

A service is held at 10.00 am on the first Tuesday in the month in the Mitford Chapel and we follow the Book of Common Prayer. A sermon is included and regular attendance is approximately 6-7. Clergy robe for this service.

Services are held on major festivals which fall during the week.